Pool Builders

How to Choose a Swimming Pool Builder

Choosing a reputable swimming pool builder can be a horrible experience if you land the wrong contractor. Let’s be honest, you’re going to be spending tens of 1000s of dollars on the construction process. Furthermore, your backyard or the insides of your house is going to be torn separate for a few weeks. You need to find and hire the truly competent pool builder that has years experience with good customer service.

Where to Find swimming pool Builders

You should talk with a minimum of 5 pool builders before making your pick. You can find pool builders in Google. Go to  Google homepage and type “pool builder” Miami.

Ask friends and family that have pools to recommend you a  good pool builder and experiences with them. Word of mouth is the best way to find a pool builder.

Do They Do Servicing and maintenance, coping repairs?

Generally , you should only deal with builders who also fix and repair everything they install, from concrete to pool pumps.Pool builders that don’t offer maintenance and repairs should be avoided. you are looking for a pool builder who delivers fast results in servicing all aspects or your investment. 

Look Into their Work Ethics

How many pools has this pool contractor built? How many years have they been building pools? How much experience do they have with the specific type of pool you’re appearing to build?

Ask for references. Read google reviews ( look for honest written responses from real customers ) . 

The Cost of the pool

Naturally, you’re  likely want to get this pool on the dirty cheap. Try to get at least three factual price quotes before deciding on the pool contractor.

Don’t just go with the lowest price. Be aware of the haggling pool builder and remember a high quality pool contractor is worth every little invested penny.

Remember to check out payment terms along with the price itself. How much upfront do you need to pay? Do you pay when finalization of the pool, or can you pay in time?

Organizations they belong to- BBB etc…

Check to see which swimming pool associations they’re a part of.

Do they have a Certified Service Professional (CSP) certification? What about an Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) certification? Ask about their education. Where did they learn to build pools?

Keep asking a lot of questions throughout the whole experience. Don’t feel intimidated or rushed to make your decision because remember this is a long term investment. At the end of the day, you have to weigh all the various factors and make a decision based on the contractor that you trust the most.