Pool Installation Miami

Inground Pool Installation in Miami

Swimming Pool Construction in Miami, Florida

When you call on Miami Pools for a quote, we don’t just appear and SELL you a pool. We meet and LISTEN to your ideas, visualize, determine options of what style and feel you are trying to achieve. We carefully measure all aspects of the assessment of the area to allow our designers to create a detailed, professional pool design for you and your family.

After the design of the inground swimming pool is completed and all your ideal choices have been made, you can leave the rest to us. We take care of the permits, inspections and even provide you with a highly trained construction manager who will serve as your personal contact all throughout the process of the project.

Swimming Pool Construction in Miami, Florida

Installing a swimming pool takes planned dedicated work, but the completed product is a masterpiece.

To make things easy for you to visualize the procedure, we have broken it down into the following steps. We invite you to contact us at anytime with questions you may have about your pool construction.

Preparing the Site

Before excavating, we survey and mark the areas needed where your new pool will eventually be places. The layout is based upon the 3d project we come up with.

Inground Pool Construction, Miami, Florida


Now it’s time to dig! It typically will take a day to finish the excavation procedure depending on a few factor.

Steel Placement

Steel reinforcing adds toughness and life to your inground swimming pool shell. and place # 3 Rebar and center 12’ apart.

Inground Pool Construction, Miami, Florida

Gunite is hydraulically applied under high pressure to create a tight bound around the steel of your pool shell.


We only use high quality grade 40 PVC piping, designed to avoid leaks from years of use along wit protected from the deterions. All the hookups are tightly bonded and the entire plumbing system is tested under high pressure for leaks. 


We carefully install all pool tiles in the measured waterline specified in the blue prints. The options to pool tiles are endless. 

Pool Decking

A wide variety of selections are available to you when choosing the outdoor decking for your pool. Our most common selections are brick pavers to acrylic decking.

Set Equipment

We will set your pool equipment and have it wired by a licensed electrical professional.

Interior Finish

We will cover the surface area of your pool with a pebblecrete coating.

Fencing/Safety Alarms

To comply with Florida building department there must be a few features you need to add. you. Florida law states that there must be an obstacle around the perimeter of your new swimming pool. It must either have a fence with a latching gate. All doors and windows leading to the pool area should also have safety and security alarms.

Swimming Pool Construction in Miami, Florida

Fill Pool and Start up

Now we will fill your inground pool. Once it is full we will commence your inground pool equipment and add required chemicals to the water.

Complete Site Clean

The last step of the construction process is a complete site area inspections cleanup and the final grading.

Miami Pools is truly the best for Miami swimming pool construction company!